Aluminium Casting Tips

The development of new shapes and new materials for casting tips is very important for Speira aluminium foil casting and rolling. The casting tips can make Speira molten aluminium have a uniform flow along the width of the plate. At the same time, the casting tips should be conducive to assembly and adjustment, and the developed new material should not be easily damaged, so as to prevent the residue from falling due to the damage of the casting nozzle from polluting the melt.

Aluminium Casting Tips

Speira is a leading global manufacturer of advanced rolled aluminum products, producing approximately one million tonnes per year. The quality stability in the production of aluminum plates determines how big the company’s performance can be and how strong the brand can be. Quality, price, and production speed are the three most important conditions. If these three points can be done well, the aluminum industry can stand out in the fierce market competition. Good caster tips and nozzle plate can improve and improve the quality and condition of the double-roll continuous cast-rolled aluminum coil, and eliminate the defects of white strips, black spots, large grains, sticky rolls and cracked edges of the cast-rolled plate.

AdTech serves aluminium foundries, specifically to solve the problem of aluminum liquid purification and improve the quality of aluminum products. We focus on the research and development of online degassing filter equipment, ceramic filter plates, hot top casting accessories, caster tip and nozzles, and others.

So far, AdTech has covered a full range of materials in the aluminium alloy casting industry. It can fully meet the needs of various orders from customers. In AdTech’s neat workshop, you will see every team making great efforts here every day, with skillful operating techniques and under the highest professional standards, from product material to each process, from internal quality to outer appearance, from process inspection to storage acceptance, from delivery to customer usage. AdTech’s management is under full control and service tracking, with truthful feedback and upgrading innovation.

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