Aluminum Degassing Machine, Degassing with Nitrogen

The aluminum degassing machine is placed between the holding furnace and the casting machine, the nitrogen blown into the aluminum alloy melt is in the degassing treatment tank, and the aluminum alloy liquid is fully contacted with the nitrogen in the treatment tank, forming a large number of dispersed bubbles and rotating graphite The rotor is chopped off.

According to the principle of pressure difference and surface adsorption, the bubbles absorb hydrogen in the melt and adsorb the oxidized slag in the melt, and then rise to the surface of the melt.

The aluminum alloy melt flows from the outlet of the degassing device (located at the lower part of the scum) to the casting machine, the aluminum alloy liquid continuously enters the degassing device, and nitrogen is continuously blown in, and the purpose of purifying the aluminum alloy liquid is achieved through the degassing treatment.

Aluminum Degassing Machine

The aluminum degassing graphite rotor on the degassing machine adopts a hydraulic lifting system: the heating system adopts intrusive heating of silicon carbide sleeves, and the inner lining of the degassing machine is processed by a special process and cast with various high-temperature resistant materials.

The aluminum degassing lining material is a high-silicon melt material, which is characterized by low thermal shrinkage, and melt silicon has good thermal shock resistance.

Some materials that do not invade the aluminum liquid are added to the aluminum degassing lining material to ensure its service life. The process adopts “microporous thermal insulation material”. The high-efficiency thermal insulation material makes the filter box lining after continuous use, the surface temperature of the steel structure is low, and the deformation of the inner tank is small.

Customers can customize the aluminum degasser lining according to their needs. The aluminum degassing lining has high hardness, low expansion coefficient, good heat preservation effect, strong anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

The aluminum degassing lining has good thermal shock resistance, cold and heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and maintains a stable shape at working temperature. It has excellent non-wetting properties with aluminum. The molten aluminum does not stick to the aluminum after flowing, it is easy to clean and durable. Good performance, good surface strength, resistance to liquid aluminum erosion, corrosion, no moisture absorption, no aeration of liquid aluminum, lower density than aluminum, good chemical stability, and does not react with aluminum at working temperature.

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