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Aluminum melt filtering devices include plate ceramic foam filter equipment, deep bed filtering equipment, and tubular filtering equipment.

Aluminum Melt Filtering Devices

The plate ceramic foam filter box is composed of a filter box body and a CFF filter plate. The filter box body is composed of multiple layers of refractory materials and steel structure. When the melt flows through the ceramic foam filter, impurities and inclusions are filtered out. The service life of a single filter plate depends on the size of the filter plate, the number of holes and the cleanliness of the metal. For a single filter plate, the size and number of holes are fixed. In order to improve the filtration effect, some manufacturers consider two-stage filtration, which is generally used in combination with the front coarse and the fine. The filtration effect is good. For impurities and inclusion particles of about 20-30u, the removal rate can reach 75% ~ 90%. More flexible. The cleaning of the filter box and the replacement of the filter plate are simple, convenient and fast, and it is very flexible in the production of various alloys.

The deep-bed filter is composed of a filter box body and a deep-bed filter bed. The structure of the filter box is similar to the foam ceramic filter box, but the difference is that the shape of the refractory material in the box is different. The deep bed filter is equipped with electric auxiliary heating, which can effectively prevent the temperature drop in the box and play a certain role in heat preservation for the melt. Better metal temperature control can reduce oxidation or hydrogen absorption. Proper preheating of the molten metal before entering the filter is beneficial to the lining of the box.

The tubular filter is composed of a filter box body and a filter tube group. The structure of the filter box is similar to the deep bed filter. The porous tubular filter is also equipped with electric auxiliary heating, which has the same advantages as the deep bed filter.

At present, aluminum melt filtering devices are widely used in aluminum foundry. Because deep bed filter equipment and tubular filter equipment are expensive, in order to extend their use effect, aluminum foundries will add ceramic foam filters before these filters to filter larger size impurities.

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