Online Aluminum Melt Processing with Degassing and Filtering

During the casting process, online aluminum melt processing is necessary. The aluminum alloy melt flows through the online degassing device and the online filtering device from the orifice of the holding furnace, and then enters the distribution plate for hot-top casting.

Online Aluminum Melt Processing

The main points of online aluminum melt processing are as follows:

(1) Add grain refiner online. In front of the melt inlet of the online degassing device, a wire feeder is used to add the grain refiner into the launder, and the aluminum alloy melt is processed for online refinement.

(2) A graphite rotor online degassing device is used to perform online degassing of the aluminum alloy melt.
The degassing medium is high-purity argon, and its purity should be> 99. 90%; the rotor speed is controlled at 250-280 r/min; the compressed air flow is controlled at 4-4.5 m^3/h.

(3) Using 30 PPI and 50 PPI ceramic foam filters to conduct dual-stage online filtration of the aluminum alloy melt.

(4) During the casting process, the hydrogen content in the alloy melt was measured in the launder with a hydrogen meter, and the hydrogen content was measured when the ingot length was 1 m, 3 m, and 5 m.

Metal Degassing Systems

AdTech is an enterprise specialized in new material development and high precision online degassing unit and filtering equipment production since 2012, got positive feedback from domestic and overseas market.

Our Degassing Box Standard includes 1 room 1 rotor (1B1R), 2 rooms 2 rotors (2B2R),3 rooms 3 rotors (3B3R). Our Filtering Equipment includes Plate CFF (Ceramic Foam Filter) Filtering Unit, Deep Bed Filtration System, Tubular Tiltration System.

AdTech specially designed Ceramic Foam Filters are made of the basic raw material Aluminium Oxide. They are manufactured with porosities varying from 10 to 60 pores per inch (PPI). Also, combo sets are made in 20-30 PPI and other selections are possible. Different sizes and custom-made filters are manufactured according to specifications. Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters is available in all common sizes: 7″, 9″, 12″, 15″, 17″, 20″, and 23″.

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