Aluminum Slag Agent

Aluminum Slag Agent is white powdery fine particles, the main components are chloride salt and fluoride salt, and there are other compounds.

After proper heating treatment and screening, the slagging agent has a uniform particle size. It can be sprayed with gas in the refining tank, or it can be directly sprinkled on the surface of the molten metal by hand, and evenly stirred to achieve the effect of impurity separation. The slagging agent is both environmentally friendly and economical and can meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance of aviation, transportation, and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

Aluminum Slag Agent

Our deslagging flux has two specifications: 622DF and 633DF. Advantages of slag breaking agent: It can reduce smoke, reduce its burning loss, has a significant effect, and greatly reduce the amount of molten aluminum brought out during slag removal.

Features of Aluminum Slag Agent

1. The addition amount is small, the slag-forming ability is strong, and the shelling is easy to take off; the slag and foreign matter mixed in the casting solution can be collected, and the residue can be removed at one time.
2. The slag is brittle and non-stick.
3. Lightweight, large expansion coefficient, good thermal insulation coverage, and lower temperature when handling molten metal.
4. When pouring into a small pot, etc., it can prevent reflection and refraction for easy operation.
5. The surface of the pouring liquid spreads evenly, which can accumulate slag and foreign matter to prevent it from being mixed into the product during pouring.
6. Effectively cover the surface of molten metal and reduce the oxidation of aluminum during the smelting process.
7. Does not change the composition of aluminum metal and does not pollute the molten aluminum.
8. There is no smoke and dust during use, and the production environment of the workshop is kept clean.
9. Not affected by the season, available at any time, no fire risk.
10. Produced by a professional factory, the quality and quantity can be kept uniform.

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