Caster Nozzle and Tip

The caster nozzle and tip design can be made of any refractory board material such as ceramic fiber. However, the preferred material used to make the nozzle head is suitable for contact with molten metal, and the material is resistant to the dissolution or erosion of molten metal.

Caster tip is used for crystal forming and size control of aluminum sheet and foil blanks in the casting and rolling production line. It uses nano-scale fiber composite material vacuum suction filter molding, processed and manufactured by high-precision equipment. Caster tip has uniform distribution of internal short fiber structure, moderate density, good thermal insulation, precise size, high oxidation resistance, no delamination and no block drop, low deformation, effectively protect the surface quality of cast and rolled coil. The nozzle is coated with BN coating, which is resistant to corrosion by molten metal.

Caster Nozzle and Tip

When the caster nozzle and tip is positioned relative to a continuously advancing mold, thermal expansion is important to maintain dimensional stability and tolerances.

Another important feature of the caster nozzle and tip material is the cooling capacity. For example, when the nozzle is used to prevent the molten metal from freezing at the beginning of casting, the cooling capacity is important. Cooling capacity is defined as the product of heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and density.

In addition, the casting nozzle material can be heated by direct resistance or by passing current through the material. In addition, the material will not emit gas when subjected to working temperature.

In addition, it is important that the nozzle material does not allow the growth or accumulation of intermetallic compounds, such as at the edge of the nozzle outlet. In addition, it is important that the inner surface is smooth and free of pores. For repeated use, the tip can be cleaned to remove residual solidified metal.

The molten metal flow controller can be used in combination with the nozzle. The molten metal flow controller can provide uniform speed and heat distribution, and produce aluminum slabs without surface streaks or surface defects.

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