Caster Nozzle for Molten Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling

Caster nozzle is the key component of aluminum strip continuous casting and rolling mill, its quality directly affects the quality and output of aluminum strip.

Special treatment of caster nozzle material can effectively prevent molten aluminum from corroding the casting nozzle and avoid carbonization.

Fracture tissue is a fine and uniform layered fiber structure, which can prevent the existence of flocculent tissue.

The coating on the working surface is uniform and smooth.

Prevent the occurrence of granular cracks and coating shedding.

It provides a guarantee for high-quality cast rolling plate.

Adtech can produce a variety of nozzle models and supply methods according to customer requirements.

Caster Nozzle

The ceramic fiber castertip product is calcined at high temperature without organic matter and has zero shrinkage at 800 ° C. They can be used in various twin-roll continuous casting and rolling mills.

It is made of ceramic fiber without slag ball and is used to produce aluminum plates and foil.

The product has the characteristics of high strength, smooth surface, and wear resistance, which is suitable for casting and rolling of high-speed aluminum plate.

Advantages of caster tip products

1. Nano fiber composite is used for integral molding and high-precision equipment processing. The size control is accurate, and the density and stiffness are appropriate.

2. The key parts are strengthened by nano-coating, and the surface of the hole is sealed without delamination. The corrosion resistance of liquid aluminum is improved.

3. A reasonable symmetrical flow channel is designed in the internal structure to meet the requirements of liquid aluminum hydrodynamics.

4. Good heat preservation and effective control of constant temperature parameters in casting and rolling area is the best choice for casting and rolling high-quality aluminum foil blank.

5. Small deformation, easy to adjust the gap between nozzle and roller, improve the surface quality of aluminum foil blank, and effectively improve the white stripe and dark stripe.

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