Ceramic Filter Box for Melton Aluminum Purification, CFF Filter Boxes

During the melting and casting of aluminum, bubbles, oxide films, and non-metallic inclusions disrupt the continuity of the metal structure. It will cause stress concentration, lower the performance of the casting, and reduce the processing performance. In order to avoid these hazards, it needs the help of the Ceramic Filter Box. AdTech offers complete degassing and filtering equipment for filtration solutions. AdTech aluminum liquid filter box is an aluminum industry special aluminum silicate filter box. Usually, the foam ceramic filter box consists of a steel shell, and aluminum silicate liner.

Ceramic Filter Box

Adsorption purification

Nitrogen or other inert gases are introduced to the aluminum liquid filter tank. These gases and the aluminum liquid generate a bubble chlorine salt, which causes the impurities to float or sink, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the gases and impurities in the aluminum liquid.

Filtration purification

The molten aluminum flows into the aluminum liquid filter tank, and the ceramic foam filter captures the inclusions.
During filtration, the liquid aluminum rakes the foam ceramic filter plate and flows along the zigzag channels and voids in the filter plate. Impurities in the aluminum melt contact with the surface of the filter plate channel. Under the action of deposition, friction, surface adsorption, and other effects, impurities firmly left in the filter plate.

Ceramic Filter Box Manufacturer

AdTech precision-engineered ceramic filter boxes are unique. Their development and design are based on our own metallurgical engineers’ years of experience in the field of aluminum melt filtration and molten transfer technology. AdTech filter bowls utilize a new high silicon melting manufacturing technology. The filter bowls can also be custom-designed to meet our customers’ metal filtration requirements.

Ceramic Filter Box

Advantages of Ceramic Filter Box

  • Thermal-shock resistant
  • Easy to clean due to design
  • Non-wetting for longer life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Insulating
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