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Ceramic filter for aluminium is available in square and custom geometric shapes. The most common porosity is 10ppi, 20ppi, 30ppi, 40ppi, 50PPI, 60PPI.

Ceramic Filter for Aluminium

Advantages of Ceramic Filter for Aluminium

  • The porosity of the casting is reduced, the flow pattern during the casting is reduced, the surface defects are reduced, and the final product rate is obviously improved.
  • Reduce casting manufacturing time and damage to swords and tools, and improve the quality of casting surface manufacturing.
  • Enhance the compression and sealing performance of castings, enhance the tensile strength, and improve the surface gloss.
  • Simplify the design requirements of the casting system, reduce the length of the horizontal casting channel, and increase the conversion rate of the casting technology.

With the development of science and technology and industrial production, especially the rapid development of aerospace, missile, aviation, and electronic technology, the quality requirements of aluminum alloy are becoming more and more strict, and the aluminum alloy material with the largest deformation. Molten metal purification technology has become an extremely important production process for aluminum alloys. Advanced purification technology is very important to ensure the metallurgical quality of aluminum alloy and improve the final performance of the product.

According to the type of application technology used in casting production or the preparation method of liquid metal, aluminum alloy filtration can be divided into several parts. The manufacture of aluminum alloy meets the requirements of higher purity of cast metal to improve the quality of final produced intermediates (foil, block, ingot, rod, profile, etc.). Therefore, the filtration in the foundry is caused by a lower final product manufacturing scrap rate and higher quality.

In these places, metal casting is carried out by continuous or discontinuous movement, ranging from several tons to several hundred tons, so ceramic foam filters are used for aluminium filtration. They are placed in the liquid metal distribution system. We recommend using a horizontal or vertical filter layout to place the filter in a ceramic filter box.

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