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Ceramic Filters UAE Aluminum is mainly used in foundries and foundries to filter aluminum and aluminum alloys. It can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas, and provide laminar flow when aluminum liquid is filtered.

Foam ceramics have the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, good thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, and high-temperature stability in molten metal.

The ceramic foam filter with distributed pores network structure can increase the specific surface area and absorb the sintered ore to make the liquid metal purer, greatly reduce the quality of wastes such as sand holes and pores, and greatly improve the quality of castings.

Ceramic Filters UAE Aluminum is made of impregnated foam in a controlled open pore structure, providing a superior filtering effect. We provide an effective solution to remove oxides and non-metallic particles from a wide range of non-ferrous metals.

Ceramic Filters UAE Aluminum

The CEO of the UAE Global Aluminum Corporation (EGA) said that by the end of 2020, the demand for aluminum products has begun to surge, while low-carbon aluminum is facing a shortage of supply.

As a global leader in aluminum production and one of the largest companies in the UAE, EGA is developing a technology to promote its green power generation and reduce the carbon dioxide in its products by 10%.

He also claimed: “Our technology is the best in the world in terms of efficiency and environmental emissions.”

According to a recent report, the UAE Global Aluminum Corporation has signed a formal contract with General Electric Company (GE) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its plant in the United Arab Emirates.

According to reports, the two companies will develop a plan to reduce emissions from GE natural gas turbines by exploring hydrogen as a fuel and carbon capture, utilization and storage solutions.

The UAE Global Aluminum Corporation, also known as EGA, operates 33 GE natural gas turbines in Jebel Ali and Altavira. The total power generation of these turbines is 5,200 MW, which accounts for a large part of GE’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

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