Grouting method of ceramic filter plate, manual glue spraying process

Grouting method of ceramic filter plate, manual glue spraying process, grouting sequence

3.1 Grouting method


3.1.1 Manual guniting process


Manual spraying is the pressure generated by the air compressor (0.5~1. OMPa)


Force, spray the slurry from the spray gun, and spray it on the surface of the green body under the control of the worker,


Spray the other side after the surface is dry. The advantages are less investment, less slurry waste, and spraying


The amount of coating shall be controlled flexibly. Disadvantages are high labor demand, low work efficiency, and slurry


Uneven adhesion, etc.


3.1.2 Automatic guniting process of ceramic filter plate


The automatic guniting process is derived from the glazing process of building Et ceramics


The slurry is sprayed on the green body surface of the drive belt or chain through the nozzle


After that, it will be dried by subsequent short hot air or infrared ray. After turning over, spray the other side, and then dry to complete the automatic spraying process. The advantages of automatic spraying are high efficiency


The green body is sprayed evenly. The disadvantages are large initial investment, large slurry waste


Frequent replacement of nozzle in later stage.


3.2 Grouting sequence of porous ceramic filter


3.2.1 Grouting after sizing


Spraying after sizing belongs to wet billet spraying. It saves the next drying process,


The green body has a general adsorption effect on the slurry. But for products with large size and thin thickness


Product. It is also suitable for spraying after sizing to prevent damage to the green body after drying


Injury. However, its disadvantage is that only one side can be sprayed, which is generally required for spraying and filtering metal melt


The front of. Considering the shotcreting effect, the shotcreting method after sizing is not very common.


3.2.2 Grouting after drying


The dry spray belongs the dry spray, which is suitable for double-sided spray, and


The slurry can be adjusted to the maximum consistency to improve the surface of the billet to the greatest extent


noodles. This is a commonly used shotcreting method in foam ceramic production. Spraying after drying


Its disadvantages are a large amount of labor, damage to the green body, easy-to-produce slag, etc.

ceramic filter plate

ceramic filter plate



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