CFF Molten Metal Filter

The CFF Molten Metal Filter is a phosphorus-free high-aluminum-based product, which is characterized by high porosity, good mechanical and chemical stability, and excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance to molten aluminum. The laminar flow process provides laminar flow for filtering molten aluminum. During processing, it is processed to strict dimensional tolerances. The combination of physical properties and close tolerances makes it the first choice for molten non-ferrous metal filtration.

CFF Molten Metal Filter

Removal of these inclusions will form a uniform melt, thereby ensuring the high quality of the product, especially in the casting of aluminum. At present, CFF molten metal filter has been widely used because of its strong thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and mechanical stress resistance.

The ceramic foam filter is a new industrial ceramic product with low bulk density (0.25 ~ 0.65) g/cm3, high porosity (60% ~ 90%), and a three-dimensional reticulated structure. as ceramic foam filter has excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and large surface area as a result of high porosity, it is widely used in molten metal filtration to remove undesirable nonmetallic inclusions in the melt.

CFF Molten Metal Filter Product Feature

Reduce gas and inclusions that are contained in the casting, reduce the turbulence level of molten metal when filling the mold, reduce surface defects in castings, and significantly reduce the rejection rate of casting

Increase the compressive sealing of casting, increase elongation and tensile strength of casting, improved surface finish of casting, improve the mobility of molten metal, increase the filling capacity, and the feeding capacity of melt.

Simplify the casting system, reduce the length of the lateral flow channel, improve casting yield.

Reduce the processing time and tool abrasion, improve the surface quality of casting.

Ceramic foam possesses high mechanical strength, chemical stability, high resistance to thermal shock, and liquid metal flow shock even under high-temperature environment.

No slag or broken in the working process, to ensure the quality and stable chemical composition of the molten metal.

Has a large and stable metal flow, even if the high content of inclusions in molten metals, ceramic foam filter will not be plugged.

The high dimensional accuracy can be automatically placed in the production line.

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