Danish Ceramic Foam Filter Purification Technology

Danish ceramic foam filter is currently the most effective tool for removing oxidized inclusions from aluminum melt. Melt purification technology of aluminum alloy is the most effective method to improve the quality of casting rod, and it is also the common goal of aluminum industry casting.

Use and Selection of Danish Ceramic Foam Filter

The ceramic foam filter plate is installed in the filter box between the furnace mouth and the distribution plate.

The filter box can withstand many times of chilling and impact without cracking, with high strength, good insulation performance and other advantages. It is the best material for making filter box and flow channel at present.

The closer the filter box is to the shunt plate, the better, because this can shorten the flow distance of the filtered liquid aluminum and reduce or avoid the re-formation of oxides.

Liquid aluminum flows from the furnace through the filter box, and then flows into the distribution plate through the flow groove. When the ceramic filter foundry device is started, the drop between front and back of melt filtration is about 50mm, but with the extension of filtration time, the inclusions on the surface of the filter plate and the hole wall increase, the filtration flow decreases, and the drop increases, until the end of pouring, the drop increases to 60-120mm.

Danish Ceramic Foam Filter

So choose ceramic foam filter Denmark must be based on the flow of liquid aluminum.

Secondly, the cleanliness of the melt, the maximum content of inclusions and the total flux of the melt should be considered.

In the design of the filter device, it is necessary to ensure that the filter plate is immersed in the aluminum liquid when the melt is poured, according to the specification of the filter plate selected, and consider the furnace mouth drop and distribution plate.

In addition, installation and disassembly must be considered very safe and convenient. After casting, the liquid aluminum in the filter box can be completely discharged.

The practice on the surface of the filter plate proves that the foam ceramic filter plate is the most effective tool for removing oxidized inclusions from the melt.

General fiber filter can only remove large inclusions, while foam ceramic filter plate can remove both large and small inclusions.

The main function of the filter plate is to ensure its size and porosity. The larger the porosity of the filter plate, the worse the slag removal effect. For strict requirements of aluminum castings, the filter plate with small porosity should be selected.

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