Plate Filter Box

The plate filter box equipment has ultra long life furnace body and adopts new high silicon smelting manufacturing technology. It is mainly used in the production of aluminum products with high added value and high technical performance. Melt purification is needed to replace the high cost ceramic tubular filter in industry. Equipment and ordinary plate filter equipment products.

Plate Filter Box

Using the plate filter and relevant technical guidance, the aluminum products can effectively filter and block micron level impurities to meet customer requirements.

The plate filter box comprises a feeding pipe, a box body and a foam ceramic filter plate. A flow path is formed in the box body, and an electromagnetic heating device is wrapped around the feeding pipe.

Alumina ceramic foam filter plate for purifying molten aluminum can effectively remove large impurities in molten aluminum and absorb small particles of small impurities, thus improving surface quality, product performance and microstructure. Alumina ceramic foam filter board improves yield, and is widely used in aluminum, aluminum foil, aluminum alloy and other production areas.

The filtration effect of liquid aluminum is good. The foam ceramic filter plate of this structure reduces the flow of liquid aluminum and forms liquid aluminum without affecting the filter plate. The service life is longer, and the oxide is not easy to accumulate, and the bubbles in liquid aluminum can be eliminated.

Adtech erosion-resistant movable launder runner is used between on-line degassing equipment and continuous casting mill. It has dual functions: transportation and heat preservation, with repeated or repeated use of lining, the use of new high silicon melting material molding technology, and has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Power supply, non stick aluminum, no pollution to molten aluminum.

It is mainly used for precision casting and rolling of medium and micron grade aluminum foil wool, PS plate substrate and other aluminum alloy products for printing.

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