Feed Castertip, Non-stick Aluminum Feed Tip and Nozzle

Feed Castertip is used for crystal forming and size control of aluminum strip castings in casting and rolling production lines. It is formed by vacuum suction filtration of high-purity fibrous materials, and processed by sophisticated equipment.

Feed castertip is used in the casting and rolling process of many series of aluminum alloy cast-rolled products: casting and rolling of micron aluminum foil wool, PS substrate for printing and flexible packaging materials.

Feed Castertip

The caster tip and nozzle are used for crystal formation and size control of aluminum plates, strips and foil blanks in casting and rolling production lines. It is formed by vacuum suction and filtration of nanofiber composite materials, and processed by high-precision CNC equipment.

The casting nozzle is a rigid, high-temperature resistant ceramic fiber board, made of high-purity fiber and binder, and made by a wet forming process in a vacuum environment. Low thermal conductivity, good high temperature stability, airflow resistance, uniform density, excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical erosion, and easy installation. Due to its strong thermal insulation capacity, it helps reduce energy costs and cycle time, and protects the furnace shell from thermal shocks. It can be directly used as a refractory material.

Due to process requirements, a small amount of organic or inorganic binders will be added during the production process. If an organic binder is added, when the end-user heats it for the first time, the organic binder will burn at a temperature of 285°C to 450°C. After burning off the organic binder, the color of the board is white.

Boron nitride coating is applied to the surface of the nozzle plate to increase the service life.

Non-stick Aluminum Feed Tip and Nozzle is a rigid combination of refractory ceramic fiber and inorganic binders. This high strength, low mass refractory material is a main stay “low mass hard tip” used on continuous thin strip aluminum casting equipment. This is completely inorganic and exhibits excellent non-wetting properties during possess.

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