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Flux for Casting Aluminum is suitable for coating, slag removal and slag removal in aluminum smelter and foundry. They reduce oxide formation and furnace wall slag, help remove non-metallic inclusion in liquid aluminum, reduce the aluminum content in scum, help remove scum.

Flux for Casting Aluminum has particle and powder two forms. Compared with powder flux, granular flux products are dust-free and more efficient, with less additives.

Slag removal fluxes are designed to remove non-metallic inclusions from metal liquids by trapping floating oxide particles.

Flux for Casting Aluminum

Covering flux and slag removal flux can create a molten layer to protect the metal from oxidation and hydrogen absorption. They concentrate oxides and non-metallic materials in the liquid metal, clean the metal and form a good metal-free scum that can be easily removed.

Adding refining agent should be added according to the weight of liquid aluminum, because too much or too little will affect the performance of aluminum alloy, so it must be calculated before adding.

During the operation of the refining agent, the operator should control the refining flow freely through the barometer and powder feeder, so as to control the rolling degree of liquid aluminum and reduce secondary pollution.

The amount of refining agent is 0.10-0.20%, which should be selected according to the actual situation in the process of use.

After the addition of the refiner, it is necessary to stir it thoroughly in order to give full play to the role of the refiner. Specific slagging and pouring should be determined according to the situation. Generally in advance for pouring, but can not cast slag.

The above is the introduction of the use of refining agent. There are many metal elements in refining agent, which play an important role in aluminum alloy smelting. After adding can also change the performance of aluminum alloy, so that it can be more widely used, so refining agent is essential in aluminum alloy smelting.

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