Fluxes for Aluminum Smelting, Smokeless Refining Flux

During the aluminum alloy smelting process, exhaust gas is the main link that causes environmental pollution. Among the conventional fluxes for aluminum smelting process, the most effective ones are chlorine gas and many chlorine salts. And their by-products AlCl, HCI and Cl2 will decompose and volatilize harmful gases containing Cl, F, etc. when heated, which is extremely toxic and can cause serious harm to the human body and equipment. In addition, some fluorides added to the released SiF4 and the smoke and dust released during the smelting process will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment if they are directly discharged into the atmosphere, which does not meet the requirements of green and clean production.

Fluxes for Aluminum Smelting

A large number of researches have been conducted on the purification treatment technology of aluminum melt at home and abroad. For traditional refining and degassing, there are certain limitations, the efficiency of hydrogen removal is limited, and the impurity removal effect is not obvious. Therefore, aluminum foundries have been looking for a purification technology that does not pollute the environment, can effectively remove the inclusions and hydrogen in the aluminum melt, has a low cost, and is easy to operate.

At present, the evaluation of treatment technologies such as melt purification only pays attention to the assessment of the degree of environmental pollution, which is obviously not comprehensive. Just being green and environmentally friendly does not necessarily guarantee the best purification treatment effect and the least consumption of resources. The environmental load should be comprehensively assessed from the aspects of the use-value of the technology itself, the consumption of resources, and the impact on the environment. If a melt purification technology wants to achieve low environmental load, it must achieve energy saving, simplicity, non-toxicity and harmlessness, improve the purity of molten aluminum as much as possible, reduce molten aluminum smelting loss, improve product quality, and reduce waste. In addition, the fluxes cost and the aluminum recycling rate must be considered comprehensively.

AdTech fluxes for aluminum smelting purification technology has been practically applied in waste aluminum recycling, aluminum cans, and A356 aluminum alloy. Smokeless refining, zero emission of fluoride, fully up to the environmental air pollution emission standards. Low dosage, can control the chemical reaction of combustion and effectively remove alkali metals (Na, Ca, Li) and non-metallic inclusions.

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