Launder for Conveying Aluminum

Launder for Conveying Aluminum comprises a flow groove base, a flow channel measuring wall integrated with the trough base and a flow trough arranged above the launder base.

Aluminum silicate conveying aluminum flow groove is provided with at least two card groove, each card groove and the chute are perpendicular to each other, the card groove is installed with a filter plate.

Launder for Conveying Aluminum

The medium filter plate is easy to replace and has a remarkable purification effect on liquid aluminum. The filter plate is installed in the bottom seat and sidewall slot of the circulation tank to filter impurities, purify liquid aluminum, and further improve the purity of liquid aluminum. Casting high, fine, sharp aluminum products quality requirements, while safe and reliable, easy to replace.

Aluminum silicate launder is one of the basic settings for aluminum alloy casting industry to get rid of the old flow tank. The main function of aluminum silicate flow tank is to transfer liquid aluminum from mixing furnace to casting machine.

The work area was originally constructed using a flow tank for traditional high temperature resistant castables. The surface of the circulation pool is easy to stick aluminum in the process of use, and the operator will work for a long time when cleaning the circulation pool, which is easy to damage the casting material. As a result, the high-temperature liquid aluminum infiltrated into the castable, resulting in the gradual deformation of the shell steel plate, and the flow tank could not be used normally for 4 months.

In addition, every time the convection tank is maintained, the castable needs to be removed, and the shell steel plate needs to be calibrated and repaired, so the maintenance process is labor-intensive.

After referring to the industry’s use of the tank, Adtech has been retrofitting the old launder.

Aluminum silicate launder for conveying aluminum has high strength, large unit density. The ceramic launder surface is coated with high temperature refractory coating. Viscose aluminum slag within easy to clean, under the condition of high temperature long time without damage or cracking, port interface and no leakage at the bottom of the aluminum, aluminum to eliminate the leakage flow pool safety hidden trouble, reduce downtime flow tank cleaning time more than 30 minutes not only reduce the labor intensity of general aluminum work, and compared with the traditional use two years time, also save the maintenance cost.

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