Launder for Metal Transfer, Ceramic Launder and Trough

Launder for Metal Transfer

Launder for metal transfer is suitable for aluminum melting furnace, purifying furnace, casting table, the transportation of molten aluminium between furnace degassing and filtration.

Our refractory technology allows manufacturers to eliminate the flow slots in aluminum furnaces, avoid the need to “superheat” the metal in in-line equipment, and most importantly, lower the holding furnace temperature. Refractory launder is very wear-resistant. Due to its AdTech’s excellent thermal shock resistance and high fracture modulus, it is far superior to standard fused quartz materials in washing applications.

The world’s top metal foundry companies need the best. That’s why they chose Adtech, the leading refractory, for their trough and other metal delivery systems.

Due to its thermal insulation and durability, Adtech is Wagstaff’s designated refractory launder for use in its billet casting system and ingot flow tank. High performance metal transport system refractory technology eliminates the need for manufacturers to clean preheat.

When your process requires superior wear resistance and durability, Adtech preformed fused quartz shapes are your choice. The flow troughs used for aluminum furnace shapes are precision cast in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small and complex to extremely large — even shapes with complex internal features, usually without expensive processing.

Adtech preformed shapes provide superior wear resistance in your most critical high speed applications. In addition, its excellent thermal shock resistance and insulation make it ideal for handling molten metals.

Launder For Metal Transfer minimizes turbulence and oxides in the molten metal.

And, because the metal flows in a quiet stream to the holding furnace, it eliminates transfer labor.

It automatically delivers the exact amount of metal you need – on-time and at temperature. Launder systems aren’t the answer for everyone.

They must be carefully considered because they can reduce the flexibility of your plant layout. But they can be very cost-effective in the right application.

Adtech has both the technology and the creative designs to meet your needs. Our launders are well sealed, highly insulated and easy to clean.

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