Molten Aluminum Feeding Nozzle for Continuous Casting and Rolling

Molten Aluminum Feeding Nozzle

The function of the molten aluminum feeding nozzle is to feed the molten aluminum between the casting rolls. Therefore, the feeding nozzle is the key part to directly distribute and transport aluminum melt to roll gap in continuous casting and rolling process, and it is also the throat of the casting system. Whether its structure is reasonable or not directly affects the product quality and output. The Molten Aluminum Feeding Nozzle is composed of a mouth fan, a gasket, and a side ear.

Requirements for Molten Aluminum Feeding Nozzle

The structure should be firm and reliable to ensure continuous production;

The structure should be simple, easy to operate and replace;

The heat resistance of the feed nozzle is good and has good heat preservation.

The lip of the casting nozzle should not be too thick, too thick, easy to rub roll surface, scratch roll surface, and plate surface. The lip of feeding nozzle should not be too thin, too thin is easy to damage. It is necessary to consider the relationship with the flow channel, ensure that the metal flow channel is wide enough to ensure the smooth flow of liquid. The lip size of feeding nozzle should be combined with casting and rolling area, alloy, plate thickness, and runner size.

The edge ear is the edge part of the nozzle, which is used to block the molten metal from flowing out from both sides. Each mouth needs two side ears. There are two kinds of ears in common use: soft ears and hard ears, which are made of aluminum silicate fiber sheet and adhesive by bonding and pressing.

The aluminum plate is the reinforcing plate of the edge ear. The camber of the roll and the thickness of the strip should be taken into account when processing. It can not be made of non-aluminum alloy material, because if the ear is brought out from the roll gap, the roll surface will not be damaged by aluminum alloy material, but the roll surface will be damaged by non-aluminum metal. The production of the refractory insulation plate is the same as the shape of the aluminum plate. The board is made of hard refractory, which has certain elasticity and can also be processed and pressed by aluminum silicate fiber sheet.

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