Online Purification of Aluminum Alloy, Degassing Filtering System

The online purification technology of aluminum alloy melt mainly refers to the refining of the aluminum alloy melt out of the furnace. The traditional furnace treatment method has been gradually replaced by continuous purification outside the furnace. The online purification technology of aluminum alloy melt has a good and stable effect, can obtain a better quality melt, and is not harmful to the environment, and is widely used in large aluminum processing enterprises.

Online Purification of Aluminum Alloy

In recent years, more and more inert gas refining flux spraying methods have been used for the online purification of aluminum alloy melt. For example, when producing high-quality electrical round aluminum rods, an on-line melt purification device is installed between the smelting furnace and the ladle of the production line, including filtration and continuous gas refining. Rotary jet technology is considered to be the most advanced and effective method for hydrogen removal.

The smaller the size of the bubbles formed in the aluminum melt during spraying, the greater the degree of dispersion, and the slower the floating speed, the better the hydrogen removal effect. In recent years, CFF filtration technology is simple, easy to operate, good in slag removal, and low in cost. It has become a conventional purification method in the aluminum processing industry.

It is difficult for a single refining method to achieve high-efficiency degassing and impurity removal at the same time, and compound refining treatment has become the main development direction for obtaining high-quality molten aluminum. It is reasonable and effective to adopt a combined purification process for the electrolytic aluminum liquid used in the production of electrical round aluminum rods, that is, the process of gas and flux combined blowing (refining) + foam ceramic filter plate filtration.

Reasonably select degassing device and ceramic foam filter plate to ensure the quality of nitrogen and refining agent, and reduce the hydrogen content to 0 10% to 0 13%. At present, the better process is gas and flux combined blowing (refining) + foam ceramic filter plate filtration. The use of continuous purification treatment outside the furnace is the development trend of the purification process of aluminum processing enterprises at home and abroad.

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