Scrap Aluminum Processing by Onlie Degassing and Filtration

The traditional method mainly uses three steps for scrap aluminum smelting processing.

1. Rough smelting: use a smelting furnace to smelt aluminum scrap containing various impurities;

2. Refining: Refining the molten aluminum after rough refining, adding an impurity remover during the melting process to remove impurities in the aluminum;

3. Processing: the refined aluminum ingot is smelted again, and processed into the required product as required;

The traditional process requires three steps to fully utilize the scrap aluminum. Due to the three smelting processes, the energy consumption is very large and the pollutant discharge is high, which has an impact on the environment.

Scrap Aluminum Processing

A new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new process for refining and direct reuse of scrap aluminum includes the following process steps:

I) Carry out preliminary sorting treatment on the scrap aluminum, remove large pieces of impurities, reduce subsequent processing requirements, and then remove the surface moisture of the scrap aluminum;

2) Send the scrap aluminum processed in step I) into a smelting furnace for smelting treatment, and use a stirring device to continuously stir during the smelting process to precipitate part of the slag;

3) After the scrap aluminum is melted, the molten aluminum is sampled and analyzed, and the composition and content of various impurities in the molten aluminum are analyzed. According to the analysis results, a quantitative impurity remover is added to remove the impurities in the molten aluminum;

4) After the impurity removal is completed, the impurity remover and impurities are separated according to the type and content of the added impurity remover to obtain molten aluminum;

5) Stir the molten aluminum evenly, keep it warm and remove the slag to obtain high-purity molten aluminum;

6) Heat the high-purity molten aluminum, add alloy to the molten aluminum, and then pour it into a mold to obtain an aluminum alloy casting to prepare a finished alloy product.

The new process of scrap aluminum refining changes the traditional scrap aluminum smelting processing method. It uses one-step method to reuse scrap aluminum. After smelting, it is directly processed into products without going through three smelting processes. It has clean production, zero environmental pollution, and saves energy. The production cost can also reduce the storage and transportation of aluminum ingots, which has high economic and social benefits. AdTech provides aluminum flux, degassing unit, ceramic foam filter filtration for scrap aluminum refining process.

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