AdTech Degassing Device

AdTech degassing device is an environmentally friendly automatic molten metal treatment system, which performs degassing and slag removal of aluminum alloys.

The box structure of the AdTech degassing device is carbon steel plate. Between the steel shell and the working layer, aluminum silicate fiber products and calcium silicate board are used for composite insulation, and its thermal conductivity is extremely low, which has the function of insulation and buffering the expansion of the working layer. During the casting process, the working layer of the box body is always immersed in high-temperature aluminum liquid, so a special high-aluminum castable is used as the working layer of the box body. The degassing box body is provided with aluminum inlet and aluminum outlet, which has good fluidity.

AdTech Degassing Device

At present, the structure of the degassing box taboos the short circuit of the aluminum liquid, that is, it flows into the filter box from a shortcut without passing through the inert bubble-intensive area, which affects the purification effect.

When designing the inner cavity, the molten aluminum goes through the following routes: molten aluminum inlet-the intersection of the molten aluminum surface and the graphite shaft-the graphite rotor-the molten aluminum outlet. The contact area between the molten aluminum and the bubbles is large and the contact time is long, so that a good purification effect can be achieved.

In order to ensure that the AdTech degassing box body always maintains a slight positive pressure during the purification operation process, and at the same time to prevent outside air and water vapor from entering the box body, the aluminum inlet and the aluminum outlet are designed to be sloped, so that the upper edge of the inner side of the box is the same height or slightly lower than At the lower edge of the outer opening, the molten aluminum is always sealed in the degassing box, reducing the contact with the outside air and avoiding the reaction with water vapor again.

Except for the gas cavity to ensure a reasonable working volume, the remaining molten aluminum channels are kept to a minimum volume to minimize the flow of molten aluminum between different casting times. The structure of the cavity in the box is reasonable, and the formwork combination for castable construction is convenient for assembly and disassembly.

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