Aluminium Casting Filter, Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

Aluminium casting filter is used to remove solid particles and inclusions in molten aluminium. The alumina ceramic foam filter is an aluminium casting filter, the basic raw material alumina. Their porosity varies from 10 to 60 pores per inch (PPI). You can also choose a combination machine of 20-30ppl, and you can customize filters of different sizes according to specifications.

Aluminium Casting Filter

Ceramic foam filter has high chemical stability.

The main component of the ceramic foam filter is Al2O3, which will not react with aluminum at high temperatures.

The ceramic foam filter has sufficient strength.

Alumina ceramic foam filters are relatively brittle and hard. When the strength is insufficient, it is easy to break and chip, which is not only unfavorable for storage and transportation. Once dropped into the aluminium during the filtration process, the quality of the ingot will also be affected in the melt. The compressive strength of ceramic foam filters is usually 0.6 MPa. The ceramic foam filter produced by our factory has never been disintegrated and broken. If chipping occurs, most of it will float on the surface because it will not be wetted by molten aluminum. As long as the oxide film of the molten aluminum is not broken, the debris will not get stuck in the molten aluminium.

The ceramic foam filter is rinsed with heat-resistant aluminum liquid.

During the casting process, the high-temperature molten aluminium suddenly contacts the surface of the ceramic foam filter and heats it within a few seconds. The heat of the molten aluminium quickly raises the ceramic foam filter to the temperature close to the molten metal (about 700°C). The ceramic foam filter will expand immediately when heated, which requires that the ceramic foam filter should have a small thermal expansion coefficient and will not rupture after heating. Because the ceramic foam filter immersed in the aluminum liquid must last for a certain period of time, it is not allowed to rinse off and become soft.

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