Aluminum Foundry Degassing Equipment, Nitrogen Degassing

The aluminum foundry degassing equipment uses argon or nitrogen as the refining medium to remove hydrogen and impurities in the molten aluminum. The degassing equipment brings the refining gas into the aluminum liquid through a high-speed rotating rotor, generating small bubbles and evenly dispersing them in the aluminum liquid. Since the hydrogen partial pressure of the bubble is zero and the hydrogen partial pressure of the molten aluminum is high, the hydrogen in the molten aluminum will gradually diffuse into the bubbles, and at the same time, the surface of the molten aluminum metal bubbles will adsorb non-metallic impurities. Bubbles carrying impurities float on top to remove hydrogen and impurities from the liquid aluminum.

In the aluminum industry, equipment such as nitrogen degassing device is installed at the bottom of some diffusion permeable bricks, and inert gas such as nitrogen or argon is blown in. The molten aluminum is turned over, impurities rise, and hydrogen is greatly dehydrogenated, which can greatly improve the quality of aluminum alloy. Adopting bottom venting refining technology, the bubbles have no dead ends, small but many, rolling up and down, the temperature of the aluminum liquid is uniform, the performance of the aluminum alloy is greatly improved, and good economic benefits have been achieved.

Aluminum Foundry Degassing Equipment

The aluminum foundry degassing equipment has a simple structure, does not pollute the molten aluminum, has low operating cost, long service life, and simple maintenance. It is widely used in the casting of aluminum alloy in our country.

In the smelting process, aluminum metal reacts with water vapor to generate hydrogen and dissolve in molten aluminum. When the molten aluminum solidifies, hydrogen is removed from the molten aluminum. If the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum is too high, pores are easily formed in the castings, and the mechanical properties of the castings will decrease, which may lead to scrap castings.

Hydrogen is a harmful gas in molten aluminum. The pre-furnace detection of the hydrogen content of molten aluminum is an important process to ensure the quality of castings. Especially in the precision die casting process, the use of nitrogen degassing device to remove hydrogen and slag will become an indispensable step.

Features of Aluminum Foundry Degassing Equipment

  • The degassing efficiency is high, which greatly reduces the generation of pores, slag inclusions and shrinkage holes, and improves the yield.
  • Environmental protection, no pollution, using argon or nitrogen as the refining medium, can be used in conjunction with refining flux, the effect is better.
  • Reduce costs and labor intensity.
  • No corrosion to crucible furnace and transfer ladle.
  • Minimize secondary pollution during processing.
  • The main shaft of the machine adopts high temperature bearing, and the motor is equipped with air cooling device, which reduces the working temperature of the motor and prolongs its service life.
  • It is equipped with an emergency stop button, which is simple and safe to operate, sturdy in structure, and low in maintenance.
  • The rotor speed can be adjusted in real time by the frequency converter, which is convenient for use in different degassing and refining situations.

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