Liquid Aluminum Degassing Equipment, Aluminum Degassing System

The liquid aluminum degassing equipment mainly treats molten aluminum containing a certain amount of hydrogen and other residues (alkali metals, inclusions), and then removes it after being treated by a degassing device.

Liquid Aluminum Degassing Equipment

The principle of hydrogen degassing of aluminum is that hydrogen will move from a high pressure area (in the melt) to a low pressure area (inert gas). Hydrogen will be dispersed in the molten metal as if it were released into the air. It will maintain uniform pressure throughout the melt.

When the inert gas is introduced, the hydrogen in the metal will flow into the inert gas. As the hydrogen is removed, it will equalize its pressure throughout the melt. The ability of hydrogen to move in liquid metal and balance its pressure is almost as fast as in air.

Therefore, it is not necessary to contact all metals with inert gas. Two factors, the transmission rate across the metal/gas interface and the gas surface area exposed to the metal, determine the degree and speed of the aluminothermic degassing.

The liquid aluminum degassing equipment has high degassing efficiency, multi-stage degassing design, using graphite rotor for degassing, a large amount of convection is formed in the degassing tank, so that small bubbles can fully diffuse into the aluminum liquid.

The contact surface between bubbles and molten aluminum is increased; at the same time, the degassing box adopts a sealed design to prevent secondary air pollution from entering the outside world. Greatly improve the degassing efficiency of the equipment.

In the molten aluminum degassing system, these impurities are separated before combustion, and then degassed by removing slag. Also recognized the principle of degassing, high efficiency, and does not affect the production process. In a short time, it can improve the purity of molten aluminum, reduce the scrap rate, increase production efficiency, improve the mechanical properties of castings, and increase the competitiveness of products. This is impossible to achieve through conventional degassing methods.

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