Ceramic Filter Romanian Aluminium, Metal Casting Filter

Ceramic Filter Romanian Aluminium effectively removes large inclusions in the molten aluminum and adsorbs micron-level fine inclusion particles, which can improve surface quality, improve product performance, improve microstructure, and increase yield.

For aluminum castings of average quality, large mesh foam ceramic filter plates can be used. Add a glass fiber cloth coarse filter in front of the filter plate.

At this time, it is important to filter the semi-continuous casting with glass fiber cloth first. When opening the hole, the slag and the slag washed down by the launder can be intercepted to prevent the filter plate from clogging.

The quality requirements of casting products are high, and a new type of small mesh foam ceramic filter is adopted. The aluminum alloy liquid CFF filter installed in the filter box meets the production of aluminum alloy precision castings with high added value and high technical performance for aviation and transportation.

Ceramic Filter Romanian Aluminium

Ceramic Filter Romanian Aluminium can improve the quality of aluminum casting and reduce the inclusions in the molten aluminum. The purer molten aluminum can help foundries and smelters save money and make profits.

The union representative of Romanian aluminum producer Alro remains frustrated and warned that as the company cuts its aluminum smelter for primary aluminum production by 60% in 2022, it may lay off about 1,300 employees or a third of Employees.

The number of unemployed is expected to increase because organizations that rely on Alro employ approximately 20,000 people in the province. On December 30th, a demonstration was organized at Alro headquarters. The union sought the intervention of the government and the president to save Romania’s aluminum industry.

Alro informed that a significant reduction in primary aluminum production capacity from five electrolysis units to two electrolysis units is a way to cope with soaring electricity prices and sluggish domestic electricity production. However, in addition to being the country’s largest consumer of electricity, Romanian integrated aluminum producer Alro also uses fossil energy (natural gas).

Before the company issued a formal notice to investors, Alro’s union representatives revealed the management’s decision, saying that the company plans to reopen the three production facilities that it plans to close, hoping to invest millions of euros, which is unlikely to happen soon.

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