Ceramic Foam Filter Naz Aluminium, Filter with Gaskets

Ceramic Foam Filter Naz Aluminium can effectively remove various impurities in the aluminum liquid. Ceramic fiber gaskets are attached around the filter plate to help seal the filter plate in the filter box to ensure that there is no aluminum liquid from the side to the outside.

Ceramic Foam Filter Naz Aluminium is mainly used in the production of aluminum products. It requires high added value and high technical content. It requires melt purification and replaces the expensive ceramic tube filter equipment and conventional plate filter equipment in the industry.

Through the use of the molten aluminum filter and related technical guidance, the effective micro-scale filter barrier of the aluminum products produced meets the needs of customers.

Ceramic Foam Filter Naz Aluminium

Advantages of Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter

1. Using the principle of adsorption, it can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum and effectively adsorb small inclusions;
2. No slag drop, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum;
3. Good thermal shock resistance and improved molten metal corrosion resistance;
4. Automated assembly line, three calibration procedures, accurate size according to the filter box;
5. Improve surface quality, product performance, and microstructure.

The United States earlier imposed sanctions against Rusal (0486), the world’s second-largest aluminum producer. A Kremlin spokesperson pointed out that the temporary nationalization of Rusal would not be ruled out to assist companies affected by the sanctions.

The former prime minister urges the government to buy shares in affected companies. Former Russian Prime Minister Alexander Shokhin earlier called on the Russian government to purchase shares in companies affected by the sanctions to help offset the impact. In response, a Kremlin spokesperson pointed out that the temporary nationalization of Rusal is one of the authorities’ options in response to US sanctions.

The US government has imposed additional sanctions on certain Russian companies and individuals. The sanctions list includes Rusal chairman and major shareholder Oleg Deripaska (Oleg Deripaska), which triggered a sharp drop in stock price of more than 60% since the beginning of the month, and aluminum prices soared to a six-year high. Rusal announced earlier that the sanctions may lead to a technical default by the company.

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