Ceramic Foam Filter Plates for Aluminum Processing

The use of ceramic foam filter plates to remove impurities in the aluminum melt is currently a method widely used by aluminum processing manufacturers. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, low price, safe and simple operation, and remarkable effect. However, there are many aspects of the filter plate that need to be paid attention to in the use process, otherwise it will affect the normal use and its effect.

The filtering effect of Ceramic Foam Filter Plates usually reaches 90%. The melt impurity content before filtering is high, and the melt impurity after filtering is relatively high, and vice versa. Therefore, the operation before Ceramic Foam Filter Plates filtering should be careful, otherwise, it will affect the filtering effect.

Ceramic Foam Filter Plates

In order to reduce the content of impurities in the melt, slag removal and cleaning should be carried out regularly, and the deposits on the furnace bottom and furnace wall should be removed. Before the melt treatment is filtered, the molten aluminum is refined with gas and refining agent, and then the slag is removed and left to stand still.

At present, the refining agent is blown into the molten aluminum through special equipment, and the impurities and gases in the molten aluminum are floated and sinked by partial pressure treatment and physical and chemical changes, and the effect of purification is achieved after slag removal and standing. Some foundries have increased the on-line continuous degassing process before casting while using in-furnace refining, mainly by introducing high-energy nitrogen to achieve further degassing and slag removal. After the degassing, the ceramic foam filter is used to filter, and the purification effect of the aluminum liquid is better.

When the melt flows out of the furnace, avoid eddy currents and splashes that damage the oxide film on the surface of the molten aluminum. The lining of the launder should be made of refractory materials that are not easily damaged, and should be dried before use.

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