Ceramic Foam Filter Slovakia Aluminum, Aluminum Water Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Slovakia Aluminum is a new type of industrial ceramic product with low bulk density (0.25-0.65) g / cm3, high porosity (60-90%) and three-dimensional network skeleton structure.

Ceramic Foam Filter has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, interpenetration and large specific surface area. Ceramic Foam Filter for Foundry is widely used in metal melt filtration, high temperature flue gas purification treatment, chemical filtration, carrier and photothermal conversion and other fields.

Especially in the field of aluminum melt filtration, some companies at home and abroad have developed from the purification of screens and straight-hole honeycomb ceramic tiles to the foam aluminum water filter in the current casting system.

Ceramic Foam Filter Slovakia Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filter Slovakia Aluminum has a significant effect on reducing the scrap rate of castings, improving the mechanical properties of castings, extending the service life of metal cutting tools, and reducing the overall cost. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, no elution of harmful substances, and no secondary pollution.

On Dec. 30, 2021, Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro said it would cut production at its majority-owned Slovalco aluminum plant in Slovakia by about 60 percent in response to high energy prices.  

Rising electricity and gas costs across the continent in 2021 have cut production at aluminium smelters and many other factories that affect manufacturing.  

Slovalco had already announced a reduction in its capacity to 80% in 2019 and said the new reduction to 60% was proportional to a reduction of 35,000 tonnes of aluminium per year.  However, the company has not commented on when it will take effect.  

“Slovakia will continue to monitor the situation closely in the coming weeks and months,” Norsk Hydro said.  

Hydro has not experienced any other production cuts during its time in Norway, and the company’s Hydro capacity and long-term renewable energy supply details ensure it is insulated from price fluctuations.  

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