Degassing Equipment for Aluminium Smelter, Metal Degassing

Degassing Equipment for Aluminium Smelter mainly deals with impurities in molten aluminum, including hydrogen and other slag, after degassing treatment of liquid aluminum has been purified.

Molten aluminum into the degassing box before turning off the heating element, until the temperature of the heater and the temperature of molten aluminum close to the rotor through inert gas, and then to the box filled with molten aluminum.

The processing principle of online degassing system is the principle of gas flotation. The process gas (inert gas or a mixture of inert gas and chlorine gas) is injected into the melt by the rotor and broken into evenly dispersed tiny bubbles by the rotor. The tiny bubbles rise to the surface of the melt.

Hydrogen is absorbed into the bubble and removed;

The alkali metals are eliminated by chemical reaction with chlorine gas (forming chloride);

The inclusions are captured by bubbles and then rise to the surface of the melt to form dross.

Degassing Equipment for Aluminium Smelter

Degassing Equipment for Aluminium Smelter has a super long-life furnace body and adopts new manufacturing technology of high silicon molten material. It can meet the high value-added, high technical performance requirements of aluminum products production technology.

South32 is exploring solutions for securing green power at its Hillside aluminium smelter in the South African region.

Given the introduction of the carbon border tax and end-user demand for green aluminium, this vital KZN business will face losing competition in international markets over time if South32 is unable to secure an affordable low-carbon electricity supply for Hillside power risk.

If, due to the smelter’s enormous economic and social relevance, its energy transition is not economically successful, and smelting becomes uncompetitive, South32 has just begun transformation planning to support smelter selection.

About 30% of Hillside’s sales are to South African consumers, supporting local downstream industries and jobs. As one of the largest industrial employers in the region, Hillside has played a vital role in KZN’s economic growth.

The aluminium smelter also contributes to the stability of the national power system, as Eskom can suspend power to the smelter to support grid management and minimise blackouts.

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