Degassing Filtering System, Molten Aluminum Degassing

Degassing Filtering System adopts the method of blowing inert gas into the molten aluminum, which can directly form many bubbles with zero hydrogen partial pressure in the molten aluminum. According to the principle of hydrogen removal, due to the hydrogen content dissolved in the molten aluminum and the hydrogen partial pressure on the surface of the solution, the bubbles will adsorb hydrogen and inclusions and float on the surface of the molten aluminum to remove them.

Degassing Filtering System

In the process of aluminum alloy melting and casting, the main sources that affect product quality are impurities and gases. They are chemically reacting spontaneously to produce hydrogen atoms and Al2O3.

In the method of quality control, the main harmful substances and gas Al2O3 inclusions and hydrogen can be produced through chemical reactions during the casting process, and some measures can become up to remove these harmful substances.

On-line degassing and filtering equipment is used to remove Al203 inclusions and remove hydrogen. This kind of equipment can help the staff in quality control to a certain extent. The working principle of this equipment is to enter the molten aluminum through a specially designed graphite rotor, and then rotate to release high-purity nitrogen bubbles after passing through a certain depth. The amount of refining agent will bring the debris to the liquid surface for removal.

Degassing Filtering System Advantages

  • To a certain extent, a large amount of hydrogen and slag inclusions in the molten aluminum can be removed, and the proportion of hydrogen removal is greatly improved. All in all, the frequency of pinholes and blowholes and slag holes in castings can be greatly reduced.
  • The automatic one-key operation of the equipment can reduce the influence of human factors on the quality of molten aluminum, thereby ensuring the stability of the quality of molten aluminum.
  • In the working process, through the use of this equipment, the time required for the entire degassing and slag removal process can be reduced to 3-4 minutes, while ensuring its working efficiency and reducing the loss of molten aluminum temperature.
  • Greatly reduces the loss of molten aluminum and saves costs.

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