Filter Foundry Agent Sells Ceramic Foam Filters for Aluminum

Filter Foundry Agent sells ceramic foam filters, which is the key to aluminum alloy refining. Ceramic foam filters are specially designed for the production of high quality foundry products in aluminum foundry, which can reduce waste caused by impurities and reduce the cost due to impurity defects.

Ceramic foam filter can remove the non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum alloy and use flux in the furnace.

Ceramic foam filtration technology outside the furnace has become an important means of purifying aluminum liquid.

Filter Foundry Agent

Adtech says the filter foundry agent should avoid the following misunderstandings when developing customers for aluminum foundries. If you would like to know more about the products or agents, please contact

1. Relax cooperation conditions

At the start of a new dealer, the number of offline customers is small.

In order to develop and win more customers, or lack of management experience of offline customers, many cooperation conditions have been relaxed, such as extending settlement time, increasing returns and communication.

The obvious advantage of this is that it attracts offline customers, but the consequences are even worse.

2. Waiting for manufacturer’s support

Due to their limited strength, many new distributors can not do well in the market development stage, so they will place their hope on the manufacturers.

Ask the manufacturer for new policy and support frequently. What kind of results will come and go?

Manufacturers will not only give a lot of support, but also start to have opinions on the distributors, because from the perspective of manufacturers, this is a new distributor and a new market.

As a result, manufacturers adopt security strategies and do their best, and usually do not invest a lot of resources in new markets with uncertain prospects.

So, what should new dealers do?

In this initial stage, the new distributors can not attract a large number of manufacturers, nor can they rely on the future market prospects to attract manufacturers.

In fact, at this stage, if you want to attract investment from manufacturers, you can rely on strong execution, which makes it easier to get support from manufacturers.

3. Develop customers by yourself

When a new distributor is just started, the number of customers is usually small, and developing customers is the main task at this stage. Many distributors believe that the customer was developed directly by themselves.

As a result, the dealer boss went to visit the offline customers and spent a lot of energy.

In fact, the new distributor can consider another way, that is to let customers develop customers. It is to concentrate on energy and resources, serve existing customers well, gain recognition and trust of existing customers, and then entrust existing customers to horizontal customers. development.

After all, there is a certain degree of trust between customers at the same level. This kind of suggestion is much better than the dealer to find the door himself, thus eliminating the sense of strangeness and reducing many doubts.

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