Cast Filter Agent Obtains Ceramic Foam Filter for Aluminum Foundry

Cast filter agent can obtain first-class ceramic filter plates from China and then sell them to local aluminum melting and casting plants. Ceramic foam filters are used for smelting and recycling aluminum scrap.

When cutting metal castings, the chip accounts for about 20% of the casting weight and up to 30% of the casting weight. The aluminum scraps in the process of product recovery can reduce the production cost and have good economic benefits.

The ultimate goal of the aluminum cast filter agent is to get more dollars to grow the company faster.

1. Understand the situation of local aluminum factories.

It is necessary to understand the market capacity of a region and the local market situation of competitive products (market share, brand reputation, price, product structure, policy support, etc.).

There is also a need to understand the purchasing needs of aluminum plants to see if the local market is paying more attention to product quality or price.

Based on this estimated size, determine whether you want to be a cast filter agent.

2. Core customers

Non key regions and non key regions.

Those high-yield aluminum melting and casting plants, especially state-owned enterprises or group enterprises, are the core customers.

3. Get more support

Strong agents should choose big brands like Adtech China. AdTech has a ceramic foam filter production line for aluminum casting. Automated assembly line production, three calibration procedures, high accuracy of product dimensions. No slag, no pollution to the aluminum liquid. Can effectively remove large inclusions in the aluminum liquid, and effectively adsorb small inclusions of small size.

Only in this way can the products reach the local market in the shortest time. When a certain sales scale is reached in the early stage, an exclusive license contract should be signed with the ceramic foam filter plant.

Exclusive licensing is very attractive to many medium-sized dealers.

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