Flux for India Aluminum Recycling, Degassing Refining

Flux for India Aluminum Recycling is mainly used to remove hydrogen and scum in aluminum water, as well as the high-temperature melt refining and purification treatment of aluminum alloy. Its basic function is to remove internal inclusions and hydrogen in the high-temperature melt.

The aluminum alloy refining flux is sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool through carrier gas (nitrogen or argon), thereby forming a large number of bubbles in the aluminum liquid. The bubbles float upward from the bottom. The medium is in full contact with the molten metal, and the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum through physical and chemical effects, and the purpose of degassing and slag removal is achieved at the same time. After a large number of applications, it is proved that the refining agent is pure aluminum. The degassing and slagging effect of aluminum alloy is remarkable.

Flux for India Aluminum Recycling

Flux for India Aluminum Recycling has the advantages of smokeless, odorless, dust-free, and convenient operation. The refined preparation has good degassing effect, and the pinhole degree can reach 1-2 level under normal circumstances. The slag is dry, loose, and light in weight. It is well separated from the aluminum alloy liquid and is easy to remove.

After refining, there should be a thin layer of flux floating on the surface of the molten aluminum. This means that the response is good. If there is no such flux, the operation is poor. After refining, let stand for 5 to 8 minutes. No bubbles should escape from the liquid surface, indicating that the molten aluminum has been properly handled.

The subsidiary of Gravita India, located on the southeast coast of Mozambique, has begun commercial production of aluminum from its new recycling facility, which has an annual production capacity of approximately 4,000 MTPA, and an existing lead recycling facility of 4,500 MTPA, and is also establishing one in Mozambique. New plastic recycling device.

The company expects additional revenue approx. 500 million Indian rupees per year, plus the 18% gross profit margin of the aluminum recycling plant.

INR 2 crore was used for the acquisition and commissioning of this new recovery device, which was invested by the group’s internal accruals. Thanks to the wise use of capital and Gravita’s lean capital expenditure policy, recycling plants are built on leased sites.

Now, the company will purchase domestic aluminum scrap for production purposes from the plant and will meet the needs of the aluminum die-casting parts manufacturing industry in the automotive and fast-moving consumer goods industries in South and East Asia.

Gravita India is a leading integrated operator of non-ferrous metals and plastic recycling, manufacturing and turnkey operations, with operations in eight countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The company sells its products in more than 59 countries.

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