Molten Al Ceramic Foam Filter

The molten Al ceramic foam filter plate supplied by our company can effectively remove various inclusions in the molten aluminum with a fineness of micrometers, so that the aluminum water becomes a smooth laminar flow, which is conducive to filling; it has good mechanical strength and chemistry Stability, excellent aluminum water scouring resistance; strictly controlled hole size and through-hole rate, can obtain a stable filtering effect; the foam ceramic filter plate is surrounded by a sealed thermal expansion ceramic fiber gasket, which helps the filter plate to The seal in the filter box ensures that there is no side flow of molten metal.

The use of molten Al ceramic foam filter plates to purify molten aluminum has brought huge benefits to the strip foil and its products (such as can blanks, car finishing materials, PS printing plates, etc.). For manufacturers of aluminum alloy profiles, The following obvious advantages:

1. Increase extrusion productivity

2. Extend mold life and reduce mold repair times.

3. Reduce extrusion force

4. Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.

Molten Al Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten Al Ceramic Foam Filter Installation

The filtration efficiency of the foam ceramic filter is closely related to its correct installation and use. At the same time, the conventional and necessary measures taken to reduce the occurrence of inclusions during the smelting, furnace treatment, and casting operations cannot be ignored because of the adoption of the filtration process. It is also necessary to prevent the recontamination of the filtered clean aluminum liquid.

Its installation and use, in general, need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Correct selection of filter plate:

The size of the filter plate and the selection of the number of holes must take into account the flow rate range of the specific casting type, the very large liquid level of the metal during filtration, the total filtration volume, and the cleanliness of the original aluminum liquid.

2. The pretreatment of melt filtration cannot be ignored:

Such as the normal slagging and cleaning of aluminum melting furnace and holding furnace; refining in the furnace, etc. Especially the on-line degassing device is still necessary because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content of the melt, but also remove some non-metallic inclusions.

3. The filter plate must be compatible with the square fire-resistant filter box:

The two are adapted to facilitate sealing, which not only prevents the metal from flowing into the casting box from the gap without being filtered, but also prevents the foam filter plate from being too light and floating in the aluminum water and failing.

4. Preheat before use:

Preheat to remove water and facilitate initial instant filtration. Preheating can be implemented by electric or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 minutes.

5. During the normal filtration process, there is no need to slag and avoid knocking and vibrating the filter plate. At the same time, the launder should be filled with molten aluminum to avoid excessive disturbance of molten aluminum.

6. After casting, drain the metal on the launder and filter plate. There is a kind of vibrator abroad, which is placed on the filter plate and vibrates for one minute, which can shake off about 75% of the remaining liquid metal from the filter plate.

7. Clean up four weeks later and take out the filter plate after solidification.

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