Molten Aluminum Filter Filtration, Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten Aluminum Filter Filtration

Molten aluminum filter filtration is the most effective way to remove non-metallic slag in molten aluminum. In the casting of 6063 aluminum alloy, multi-layer glass cloth or ceramic foam filter plates are usually used for filtration. In order to ensure that the molten aluminum can be filtered normally, the molten aluminum should be removed from the surface scum before filtering. Because the surface scum can easily block the filter screen of the filter material, it cannot be filtered normally. The easiest way is to set a slag baffle in the sink.

During the casting process of 6063 aluminum alloy, please avoid the turbulence and rolling of molten aluminum as much as possible. Do not use tools to easily stir the molten aluminum on the launder and distribution plate, and let the molten aluminum flow into the mold smoothly under the protection of the surface oxide film. As the tool agitates the molten aluminum, and the liquid turns to rupture the oxide film on the surface of the molten aluminum, causing new oxidation. At the same time, the oxide film is rolled into molten aluminum. Studies have shown that the oxide film has a strong adsorption capacity, it contains 2% of water. When the molten aluminum contains an oxide film, the water in the oxide film reacts with the molten aluminum, causing hydrogen absorption and slag inclusion.

The ceramic foam filter can not only filter the inclusions in the molten aluminum, but also reduce the turbulence of the molten aluminum and make it stable. It can improve surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness.

Ceramic Foam Filter Molten Aluminum Filtration Application

  • Aluminum alloy bar selection: 10-30ppi
  • Long-term casting options: 30-50ppi
  • High-quality aluminum profile or plate selection: 40 or 50ppi
  • Double zero wave continuous casting and rolling options:> 50ppi
  • Other specifications can be customized according to your requirements

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