Alumina CFF Filtration for Molten Aluminum | Ceramic Foam Filter

Alumina CFF Filtration

Alumina CFF filtration is widely used in molten aluminum purification, ceramic foam filter is the most cost-effective filtration media.

Alumina CFF Filtration

1. It can effectively eradicate large inclusions in molten aluminum.

2. It can remove small inclusions of a few micrometers in size that are incapable of conventional processes in molten aluminum. At the same time, because the filter plate filters out the small inclusions and reduces the effective number of crystal nuclei in the molten aluminum, the molten aluminum nucleates and grows under larger supercooling conditions, the solidification time is shortened, and the structure is refined.

3. Reduce the hydrogen content in molten aluminum.

Hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed on some oxide inclusions. Oxidation inclusions can become the core of bubble growth, so the inclusions are filtered out and the gas on them is also removed.

4. Through adsorption, the harmful element content (Na.k) in molten aluminum can be removed.

Alumina CFF Selection

Generally speaking, the selection of the alumina CFF filter should take into account the requirements for the quality of the finished product, the flow rate of the molten aluminum in the ceramic launder, the total amount of the filtered molten aluminum, and the cleanliness of the molten aluminum itself.

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