Aluminium Degassing Flux | Aluminium Casting Flux

The aluminium degassing flux is a white powder or granular flux, which is prepared by mixing various inorganic salts in a certain proportion after drying treatment. The refining agent is mainly used to remove the hydrogen and floating oxidized slag inside the liquid aluminum. So the liquid aluminum becomes purer, and it has the function of a slagging flux.

Aluminium Degassing Flux

Aluminium Degassing Flux

Hydrogen has a higher solubility in the melton aluminium. The hydrogen mainly comes from the chemical reaction of aluminum with the moisture, and a part of it comes from the hydrogen in the air. In addition, aluminum is prone to contact with water vapor in the air, which is also an important reason for the increase in the gas content. When casting slabs, pay attention to the water content of the environment and the casting temperature. The higher the solution temperature, the greater the solubility of hydrogen in the aluminum liquid. It is inevitable that the aluminum ingot contains hydrogen.

The hydrogen in the aluminum melt can form defects during the solidification of the ingot, such as looseness, porosity, and white spots. When the temperature of the ingot rises significantly, from hot rolling to annealing, the pores will form blisters on the surface of the ingot. During the rolling process, the edges of the strip will crack at the edges. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of aluminum ingots, controlling the cleanliness of molten metal is a very important part. This is why in different stages of aluminum melt processing. It is necessary to obtain clean molten metal by aluminum degassing flux and degassing filtration equipment.

Some components in the aluminum degassing flux are easily decomposed at high temperatures. The generated gas is easy to react with hydrogen, and has strong adsorption force with the slag, quickly escapes from the melt. Sprinkle the refining agent on the liquid surface, it will quickly enter the aluminum liquid. Stir it fully, stand and remove the slag.

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