Aluminum Purification Filter Box, Molten Metal Ceramic Foam Filter

Aluminum purification filter box has been widely used at home and abroad, including aluminum foil and PS version, can supply, aviation materials, etc.

The filtration of liquid aluminum includes surface filtration and internal filtration. Surface filtration refers to the deposition of solid impurities mainly on the surface of the filter medium. Internal filtration refers to the inclusions in liquid aluminum flow along the winding channels and pores in the filtration medium and are directly intercepted and absorbed. Sedimentation, strong adhesion to the hole wall, strong adhesion to the hole wall. With the filtration process, the effective filtration cross-sectional area of the channel gradually decreases, the permeability decreases, and the filtration accuracy increases. The ceramic filter plate is internally filtered.

Aluminum Purification Filter Box

At present, aluminum alloy processing plants at home and abroad have applied advanced aluminum purification filter box, mainly ceramic foam filter device, deep bed filter device, filter box device. Since the first aluminum alloy foam filter was successfully studied in the 1970s, ceramic foam filter technology has developed rapidly and is widely used in aluminum processing plants.

The aluminum purification filter box absorbs the cylinder shape and heat exchange technology of the chemical industry. After being applied to the aluminum casting industry, the filtration area is increased and the filtration efficiency is improved by a large number of tube assemblies under the condition of constant flow of liquid metal. Mainly meet the quality requirements of aircraft, automobile, disk, aluminum foil, cans and other high precision products.

Advantages of Aluminum Filter Box

1. It can be used directly at room temperature without worrying about thermal shock.

2. No thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity.

3. Can float in aluminum, reducing the possibility of refractory inclusions.

4. Special non-stick aluminum fused quartz is used as aggregate, with good thermal shock resistance, high strength, durability and thermal conductivity.

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