Foam Ceramic Filter Device, Molten Aluminum Filtering Device

In order to save the cost of production, foam ceramic filter device is used when casting slab ingot for rolling or round ingot for extrusion. Our ceramic foam filter device has been widely used at home and abroad.

The deep-bed filtration device is mainly used when providing raw materials for aluminum foil, PS plates, can materials, aviation materials, etc. It is mainly used to provide raw materials for aluminum foil, such as Xinjiang Zhonghe, Henan Shenhuo, Alcoa and Alcan.

The tubular filter structure has absorbed the simplicity and heat exchange technology of the chemical processing industry. After being applied to the aluminum foundry industry, when the flow of liquid metal is constant, a larger number of tube components are used to increase the filtration area and improve filtration efficiency. Mainly to meet the quality requirements of high-precision products such as airplanes, automobiles, magnetic disks, aluminum foil, and cans. The tube filters are mainly used in Japan and South Korea.

The user can choose the filter device according to the product produced. The plate ceramic foam filter device cost is lower.

Foam Ceramic Filter Device

In order to optimize the process of filtration treatment technology, a reasonable process configuration is very important.

For the production of industrial, architectural aluminum and other application products, when rolling ingots or extruding round chain casting, only the ceramic plate filter device can be used to meet the product quality requirements, and single-layer filtration or double-layer filtration can be selected according to product requirements.

For companies that produce high-end products, the process configuration recommendations for using deep bed filtration devices are: degassing device + deep bed filtration device (parallel) + ceramic plate filter device, ceramic plate filter device is placed before casting, to avoid deep bed filtration loss of medium, a large number of inclusions will be cast with the molten aluminum, and a large number of waste products will appear.

The process configuration suggestion for adopting tubular filter device is: degassing device + tubular filter device (choose at least 2 units in parallel). Most aluminum processing enterprises in Japan adopt this arrangement. Due to the complex impurity composition of electrolytic aluminum liquid, there are many non-metallic slags. It is recommended to install a ceramic plate filter device before using the tubular filter.

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