Asian Foundry Filter Agent to Sell Foam Ceramic Filters

Asian foundry filter agent has been authorized by China’s manufacturers to sell foam ceramic filters to local aluminum plants.

The purification purpose of ceramic foam filter in aluminum foundry is to remove alumina slag and hydrogen from aluminum melt to improve the process and mechanical properties of aluminum materials or products.

In the process of casting or casting salt, the impurities, gases and some harmful elements in the molten aluminum are filtered out through the filter (main body).

The principle of mechanical and filtration is adsorption.

The mechanical properties of aluminum alloy filter casting are greatly improved, and the strength, toughness and elongation can be improved.

After filtering the molten aluminum, the quality of ingots and castings is also greatly improved.

There are many filter materials for lead melt, such as glass cloth, refractory fiber mesh, magnesium fluoride, calcium fluoride, etc.

For Asian foundry filter agent, please contact the Chinese manufacturer

Asian Foundry Filter Agent

With the wide application of aluminum alloy in aerospace, missile, automobile industry and other industries, the quality requirements of aluminum alloy are more and more strict.

In addition to qualified chemical composition and mechanical properties, qualified internal quality and surface quality are also required.

Due to excessive gas and nonmetallic impurities, the traditional melting and casting process can not meet these requirements.

In order to reduce the influence of gas and non-metallic impurities, on the one hand, people put forward strict requirements on the raw materials and smelting process of alloy preparation, on the other hand, they are committed to research and development. Application of advanced melt purification technology.

The purification of molten aluminum has become an extremely important link in the production of aluminum alloy. Advanced purification technology is of great significance to ensure the metallurgical quality of aluminum alloy and improve the final performance of products.

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