CFF Molten Aluminium Filtration, Ceramic Foam Filter for Foundry

The ceramic foam filter (CFF) for molten aluminium filtration is mainly used in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloy production. With the increasing requirements for the quality of aluminum products, the application of ceramic foam filter plates will become more and more extensive. It can effectively eliminate a large number of impurities in the aluminum melt. It can remove small impurities of a few microns in size that cannot be achieved by conventional technology in molten aluminum. Through adsorption, the content of harmful elements in molten aluminum (Na.k) can be removed.

CFF Molten Aluminium Filtration

The ceramic foam filter of our company employs domestic research talents and adopts the formula and technology of many foreign companies. It is carefully developed by introducing foreign production equipment and some raw materials. Its performance reaches or exceeds the level of similar foreign products.

Ceramic foam filter size

660x660x50 (26 inches)
584x584x50 (23 inches)
508x508x50 (20 inches)
432x432x50 (17 inches)
381x381x50 (15 inches)
305x305x50 (12 inches)
228x228x50 (9 inches)
178x178x50 (7 inches)

Pore ​​size of ceramic foam filter (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

The CFF for molten aluminium filtration enables the filter medium to be attached to and removed from it without difficulty, and provides sufficient protection for the filter medium.

A horizontal partition is provided in the filter case formed in the flow path of the molten metal.

The horizontal partition has at least one filter mounting hole passing therethrough, and the filter frame is located therein.

The filter with the filter medium placed in an appropriate position is installed in the filter mounting hole in such a way that the upper part of the filter frame protrudes from the upper surface of the horizontal partition.

Therefore, the upper part of the filter, the frame protruding from the horizontal partition, provides a convenient means for workers to replace and replace the filter frame to replace the filter medium.

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