Molten Aluminium Filtration System

The CFF filter system is widely used in molten aluminium filtration in the aluminum casting process. It can prevent particulate impurities in molten aluminum from entering the slab and improve the quality of aluminum processed products.

Molten Aluminium Filtration System

The CFF filter box is made of refractory materials. It can withstand a variety of hot and cold shocks without breaking. It also has the advantages of high strength and good insulation properties. The closer the filter box is to the manifold, the better. Because it can shorten the flow distance of molten aluminum and reduce the regeneration of oxides. The molten aluminum flows out of the furnace port through the filter box, and then flows into the distribution plate through the ceramic launder.

The CFF filter box is equipped with foam ceramic filters, which can effectively filter out large inclusions and absorb small inclusions in the aluminum liquid. The ceramic foam filter plate can refine the crystal structure of the casting and reduce the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. The harmful elements Na and K in molten aluminum are removed by adsorption. The ceramic foam filter plate is currently an effective tool for removing oxidized inclusions in the melt.

The model of the molten aluminum filter box is selected correctly, and the specifications of the foam filter plate can obtain a satisfactory filtering effect. You can choose a suitable filter box according to the quality requirements of the casting, the flow rate, the total filtration capacity and the cleanliness of the molten aluminum.

AdTech Molten Aluminium Filtration System Advantage

  1. The filtering effect is remarkable. The molten aluminium filtration system can meet the requirements of ordinary products, and even meet the requirements of harsh occasions, such as aluminum alloy cans and aviation alloys.
  2. The filtering method is very simple. The ceramic foam filter plate has been standardized and serialized. According to the requirements of the aluminum water quality, flow rate and other requirements, equipped with different pore size (10ppi-60ppi) filter plate combination methods, the filter box can achieve different filtering effects.
  3. Economic savings. The ceramic foam filter has high strength, resistance to aluminum water erosion, good thermal shock performance and long service life. The heating cover can ensure that the same filter plate is reused more than 6 times in the filtrate, thereby reducing the cost of consumables. The filter box lining is similar to the degassing box, without aluminum infiltration, with good heat insulation, resistance to cold and heat shocks, and long service life.
  4. Installation and maintenance are simple. The lining of the pre-fired filter box is easy to replace, minimizing production downtime.

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