How to Use Aluminum Alloy Flux, Cast Aluminum Fluxes

How to Use Aluminum Alloy Flux?

1. In the range of refining temperature, a fixed amount of casting aluminum refining agent is put into the dust collector storage tank.

2. Blow-in nitrogen and turn on the switch under the refining tank.

3. When there is aluminum refining agent in the iron pipe, insert the iron pipe into the molten aluminum and move it horizontally.

4. The insertion depth should be 3 / 4 of the molten aluminum at the end of the iron pipe. Move the pipe back and forth two to three times. Do not touch the furnace wall to prevent the pipe from entering.

5. After refining, pull the iron pipe out of the liquid aluminum and turn off the nitrogen.

How to Use Aluminum Alloy Flux

Aluminum alloy casting refining agent can degass and remove impurities, make aluminum alloy solution purer and improve its mechanical properties.

Nitrogen and argon are usually used as carriers to form a large number of dispersed bubbles in aluminum alloy solutions. During the floating process of bubbles, the molten aluminum will completely contact and quickly remove the gas and inclusions in the liquid aluminum.

The addition amount of aluminum alloy casting agent should be determined according to the weight of liquid aluminum, because too much or too little will affect the performance of aluminum alloy, so it must be calculated before adding.

How to use the aluminum alloy flux? The operator should control the refining flow freely through the barometer and powder feeder to control the rolling degree of molten aluminum, so as to reduce the secondary pollution.

At the same time, some substances contained in the refining agent can strongly absorb oxides and suspended substances in the molten aluminum, and attach them to bubbles. With the rise of bubbles, they will be brought to the surface of aluminum liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of refining.

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