Plate Filtering Device, Ceramic Foam Filter Molten Aluminum Filtration

The aluminum liquid plate filtering device is composed of a filter box and ceramic foam filter. The molten aluminum enters from one side of the filter box. After the impurities are filtered by the filter plate, the purer molten aluminum flows out from the other side of the filter box. The disadvantage is that the existing filtering device only has one filter plate, and its filtering accuracy is limited.

Plate Filtering Device

In order to obtain molten aluminum with higher filtration accuracy, the current method used is double-pass or multi-pass filtration. It is characterized in that two or more filter boxes are arranged in sequence. Each CFF filter box is a single-plate filtration method, from front to back, the accuracy of the ceramic foam filter plates in the filter box is improved in turn. A coarser ceramic foam filter is used in the front, and a fine filter plate is used in the back. The aluminum liquid flows out from the front filter box and then enters the next filter box to filter again, and finally obtain a higher cleanliness of metal aluminum liquid.

The disadvantage of this multi-channel filtering method is that although it has a better filtering effect than a single plate, the filtering accuracy is limited. Although the molten aluminum passes through a process of distribution and integration, it is beneficial to alloy processing. At the same time, according to the miscellaneous phase theory, the miscellaneous phase aggregates and grows into metastable coarse particles; as the liquid diffuses and decomposes into particles, the next layer of filter plate cannot be captured, so the filtration accuracy is still limited. At the same time, this multi-pass filter method causes material waste.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings in the prior art, a novel aluminum liquid filter box device with low manufacturing cost and high filtration accuracy is provided. The new aluminum liquid filter box is mainly composed of an aluminum liquid filter box and two built-in upper and lower ceramic foam filter plates. The two ceramic foam filters are arranged from top to bottom with pore diameters ranging from coarse to fine, leaving a certain gap in the middle. The molten aluminum flows in from the inlet end of the filter box and then is filtered through two filter plates, which are coarse and fine, to obtain higher cleanliness of molten aluminum.

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