Slag Ring, Aluminum Industrial Slag Retaining Device

Slag Ring products are used in conjunction with molds. By setting the impurity separation ring, the filtered liquid aluminum first enters the ring range formed by the slag ring body, and may be brought into the slag such as oxide slag. In the mold, the body of the aluminum industrial slag retaining device can intercept the slag such as oxidation slag, prevent it from flowing into the inside of the slag ring, control the oxide slag and other scum outside the slag ring.

Slag Ring

Adtech has an experienced professional team, has been engaged in aluminum and aluminum alloy casting production technology research and operation of casting production technology, with strong new product development capabilities. The company has a special technical information platform, can timely understand the cutting-edge aluminum and aluminum alloy casting production technology, advanced materials and advanced equipment.

Adtech has been committed to the research of advanced casting technology and mold technology, combined with the characteristics of traditional casting methods in China, developed its own brand of aluminum industry slag retaining device. The company has a casting team composed of aluminum and aluminum alloy casting engineers and casting technicians. Responsible for the research and development of aluminum industrial slag stopper, liquid aluminum degassing box, ceramic filter plate, plug and other products, can provide customers with solutions from the furnace to the production process of every step of the end of the casting process.

With the increasing demand for aluminum production, the quality of aluminum products in aluminum industry is relatively high. At that time, I studied the new product aluminum slag. The equipment also plays an important role in the aluminum industry. This product belongs to the combination of wet aluminum flow. It is very common in aluminum ingot factory and aluminum wheel manufacturing process, and can effectively remove quality impurities and ensure product quality. It is the key to reach the current quality standard of DC aluminum and aluminum alloy slab continuous casting.

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