Slagging Fluxes for Aluminum Smelting and Casting

AdTech slagging fluxes are white powdery fine particles, the main components are chloride salt and fluoride salt, and other compounds. After proper heating treatment and sieving, the particle size is uniform. It can be carried out with gas in a refining tank. It can also be sprayed directly into the surface of the molten metal by hand, and stir evenly to enter the impurity separation effect. It is environmentally friendly and economical, and can meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision castings such as aviation and transportation.

AdTech slagging fluxes can reduce smoke, reduce its burning loss, the effect is significant, and it greatly reduces the molten aluminum loss during slagging.

In the era of continuous innovation in casting technology, new casting equipment and casting processes are constantly being used. Aluminum alloy slagging agents and large-scale automatic casting molding lines have been quickly promoted and used in China. At the same time, the requirements for smelting efficiency, pouring time, etc., which affect casting grades, elongation and other indicators, have also been continuously adjusted, and technological progress has also put forward new requirements for traditional casting materials.

Slagging Fluxes

For foundries and primary aluminum industries, we also provide refining agents, covering agents, etc. The refining agent is designed to remove alkali metals, enhance degassing, remove non-metallic inclusions, and improve the cleanliness of the overall melt and furnace. The refining flux has two forms, granular and powder. Compared with powder flux, granular fluxes are dust-free and more efficient, with a small amount of addition.

Aluminum Casting Fluxes Features

1. Increases the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles;
2. Reduces the number of breaks in continuous casting;
3. Eliminates edge cracks when rolling aluminum alloys;
4. Non-hazardous compound;
5. Low melting point for rapid dispersion;
6. Helps in removal of Alkali metals like Na, Ca, and Mg.

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