Ceramic Foam Filter Becancour Aluminum, Foundry Ceramic Filter

Ceramic foam filter Becancour Aluminium is mainly used in metallurgy and foundry industries to filter impurities in molten aluminum, reduce pores, eliminate turbulence in metal flow, and improve casting quality.

When the speed of molten aluminum flowing through the cast filter is too low, due to the collision probability of small inclusions, it is not easy to be adsorbed, but flows “smoothly” through the filter holes. When the speed is too high, the molten metal stream will “wash away” the solid inclusions and possibly carry them away. The best flow rate should be determined by production practice.

Ceramic Foam Filter Becancour Aluminum

The use of foam ceramic filters meets the highest quality standards and has excellent uniformity. They have a variety of pore sizes and can be used for aluminum in ceramic filters.

The aluminum liquid filtration method mainly allows the aluminum melt to pass through a ceramic filter to separate the suspended solid inclusions in the melt. This method mainly removes the inclusions in the melt, and has little effect on hydrogen removal.

The filtration efficiency of the foam ceramic filter is as high as 95%, while the filtration efficiency of the double-layer fiber filter is only 67%, which significantly reduces the rejection rate and weld repair rate of castings.

In addition, Ceramic Foam Filter Becancour Aluminum can simplify the pouring system, improve the metallographic structure, increase the output and productivity of the casting process, and improve the inherent quality, workability and processing performance of the casting.

Becancour aluminum smelter is located on the St. Lawrence River. It is one of the largest smelters in Canada, with a capacity of 435ktpa.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the restart of the Bécancour smelter. However, it is now 90% complete and more than 200 people have been employed since January 20. General Manager Nicole Coutu, who is also the CEO of Alcan, admits that the market is very difficult.

On June 11, 20, when Nicole launched the industrial incubator in Becancourt, he said: “The end of 2019 is already very difficult. The automotive, aviation and construction markets have been greatly affected by the pandemic.”

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