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Hop-top Casting Sprue Bush is located on the aluminum rod casting platform and is used to control the size and shape of the cast aluminum rod.

The Hop-top Casting Sprue Bush product is made of high-aluminum fiber material, which has good insulation, shock resistance and cushioning effect. It has good thermal conductivity, no deformation and smoothness. With good processing performance, CNC machine tools can be used to process precision-sized products and complex parts.

Hop-top Casting Sprue Bush

In the process of hot top casting operations, we should pay attention to the following links
1. The launder, splitter plate, casing and starter head, and tools must be dry.
2. Before each casting, the casting plate must be tested for water, pass the normal casting water volume into the casting machine, check the forming of the water curtain and whether there is water leakage in the overflow hole, if there is water leakage in the overflow hole, deal with it in time and reconfirm before casting.
3. The starter base must be raised to the normal starting position and adjusted to the level before casting. Check in advance whether the starter head is stuck and falls off.
4. Before casting the boiling water pump, the pressure reducing and draining valve must be opened until the aluminum liquid is completely filled with the casing, so as to avoid “backwater” causing an explosion.
5. If the casting machine is not used for a long time or the starter head is rusted due to wet weather, use butter to prevent rust, check all the starter head activities before casting again.
6. The steel wire rope of the casting machine must be replaced if it has fluffing or broken strands to avoid breaking accidents during casting.
7. If the runner, splitter plate, and casing are damaged, repair them in time, and replace them in time if the circumstances are serious, so as to avoid the occurrence of aluminizing water.
8. The entire casting system is regularly maintained, and the mold is regularly disassembled to clean the water eye to ensure that the cooling water curtain is uniformly formed.

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